"For the kick-off, I'm putting my smartphone away"

The woman behind Buzz09

Buzz09 ist the new constant notifier for the BVB. But the app's news aren't sorted by a programme or an algorhythm: BVB-fans are in charge of the steady stream of news. Fans like Sandra Goldschmidt. Read here, how she ended up doing this and which songs she likes most in the stadium.


, 21.08.2015, 18:13 Uhr / Lesedauer: 3 min

Sandra Goldschmidt boots her computer, switches on four monitors. Click, click, click, she opens four browser windows. Two show the content management system of Buzz09, another one shows all major sports websites and on the fourth one appear Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Instantly, all windows shine black and yellow, all news, selfies of players and rumors about Borussia Dortmund. Another day begins for Buzz09.

Driving force behind the steady stream of news inside Buzz09 is Sandra Goldschmidt - supported by five other people in her team. But the 33 years old woman does not only live eight working hours per day with the BVB. Her favourite club accompanies her througout her day, every day.

Born and reaised in Duisburg

She has been a fan of Borussia Dortmund as long as she can remember, she says. Even though she was born and raised in Duisburg and still lives there, 60 kilometres away from Dortmund. "My Grandpa has always been a BVB-fan. He used to take my father with him to the stadium when my father was a kid", says Sandra.

She was eleven years old, when she first watched a game in the stadium. But the first BVB experience that's most prominent in her mind is a match against 1. FC Köln, season 1994/95: "This was the first time my father took me with him to an away match." Borussia Dortmund won 6:1. Flemming Povlsen scored goal number 6 and strengthend his place in Sandra's heart as her favourite player.

English fan news on Twitter

But on her job she had nothing to do with the BVB. After graduating from school she qualified as legal assistent. The law office, where she qualified, offered her a job and she took it. But she couldn't simply be a fan. She wanted to share it. When Twitter became big, she started translating news to English for international fans. "Nearly no one did this at this point of time", she says.

Change after 15 years

She did this until she received a direct message on Twitter from the Medienhaus Lensing - after working 15 years as a legal assistent. She was asked if she could imagine working with BVB news full time. "They explained the app's concept to me. Afterwards, I didn't have much to think about." Since Buzz09's beginning on 10th August she and her team provide all BVB-Fans with black and yellow news via Buzz09.

She ist very content with her new job, she says. Ultimately, she made her passion her job. "And it's good that our work's so appreciated. The feedback is amazing."

Sandra Golschmidt's love for football in short questions:

Favourite BVB player?

First Flemming Povlsen ("such a pugnacious striker"), then Lars Ricken ("so young and then his goal against La Coruna in 1994"), now Jonas Hofmann ("I'm not happy with the deal with Mainz.")

Favourite hobbies when there's no football?

"I like doing sports and travelling: to training camps, to matches abroad, such as those to Spain, or visiting friends in England. But wait - even then football's always important.

First action when visiting the stadium?

"First of all I need to get snacks and drinks for the match. Usually we arrive directly when the stadium opens, that's two to two and a half hours before kick-off. I want to experience the whole show."

Most memorable experience besides the first away match?

"That's connected to the match against La Coruna (Last 16, Europe League, 6th December, result 3:1 for Dortmund, editor's note). I couldn't go to the stadium because I was sick. And to top it off, Lars Ricken - on his way to become my favourite player - scored the third goal. That was sad. But I watched the match against Malaga in the stadium. That was my La Coruna."

Favourite stadium song at the moment?

"Right now it is 'Liebe auf den ersten Blick', but 'You'll never walk alone' is always great, even though it's a song not only for Borussia Dortmund."


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