Video: Chaotic Scenes before Borussia Dortmund vs. Tottenham

23 people injured at stadium entrance

Chaotic scenes unfolded only minutes before the kick-off of Thursday's Europa League match between Borussia Dortmund and Tottenham Hotspur: At one of the entrances of the Home team's stadium, the Signal Iduna Park, 23 people were injured, police sources told Dortmund's leading Newspaper "Ruhr Nachrichten".


, 11.03.2016, 13:35 Uhr / Lesedauer: 2 min

Video footage of the scene shows how tense and aggressive the atmosphere was in that situation. Shortly before the referee's whistle, stewards had closed several entrances on the north side of the stadium, although numerous fans were still waiting to be allowed in. Most of them were fans of vistiting Team Tottenham Hotspur. The crowd started to push for the few entrances that remained open. Approximately 80 fans managed to enter the stadium without having undergone a security check. Here is the video of the scene:

Later, security guards called on police forces for help, in order to get the situation under control again. Police used truncheons and tear gas. 23 people were injured, of which 17 were Tottenham fans, five stewards an one policeman. 

On Friday, Borussia Dortmund stated that the club was going to investigate the incident together with police and their own security personnel. The club's safety advisor, Christian Hockenjos, pointed to the fact that many Tottenham fans arrived very late at the stadium, despite having been asked to arrive early for the game.

Wrong entrance

A big crowd of Tottenham supporters, Hockenjos continued, had turned up only minutes before kick-off. Unfortunately, that particular group had apparently been directed to the wrong entrance. "There was nothing violent going on here", Hockenjos said. "But the pressure exerted by the many people coming from all sides was very high, so high that our stewards had to back off."

Because it was impossible to do the usual security check in that situation, the stewards decided to close some of the gates into the stadium - which increased pressure on the remaining gates. After the reopening of the gates, Hockenjos said, the pressure had been so high that people managed to get into the stadium without undergoing security checks first. Because of this, the gates were closed again und police stepped in. (Deutsche Version



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